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How my vision came into reality as Apparelance

As a fashion design graduate from the Academy of Art, I realized a problem that every design student was experiencing. The absence of employment options has become a serious problem for them. I was among them, struggling to find a well-paying job in the industry. As a freelance fashion designer, I was making more money than working for anyone else in the clothing industry. However, some students who freelanced were never compensated for their work. And that stuck with me. I also thought of those who struggle to find services for things they want to be made. I would go into fabric stores and always hear people ask if they knew of any freelance designers.   


One day I decided to research and find anyone servicing creatives to make extra money, which I could not find anywhere. That’s when the concept of building a platform to help aspiring fashion designers earn and grow emerged. Eventually, Apparelance was born. My goal is to help the freelancers associated with the apparel industry and cater to those seeking creatives to service them.


The name Apparelance is derived from the words “freelance apparel.”For me, starting a business from the ground up and creating possibilities for creative designers is a dream come true. I’ve always known that our website is intended to do this. The profession is now all about whom you know, and I believe Apparelance is the ideal platform for designers to expand their clients.


I know now that it’s my destiny to work in the fashion industry. Hopefully, Apparelance will change millions of young and ambitious designers’ lives as it did mine.


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