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Top 10 Graphic Design Skills to Get You Hired In The Fashion Industry

Top graphic design skills to get hired

As an aspiring fashion graphic designer, you are about to embark on an extraordinary adventure packed with creativity and invention.

However, to become a skilled fashion graphic designer, you must have a few technical and communication skills, which will go a long way towards helping you make a name for yourself in the fashion industry.

You must combine your fashion and design thinking knowledge to thoroughly realize your creative potential in the sector.

Let's learn more about what fashion graphic designer does, their daily duties, and the top 10 skills required to land a job in the fashion industry.

What does fashion graphic design entail?

Professionals who practice graphic design produce visual content to convey messages. Designers utilize typography and images to fulfill the individual demands of users and concentrate on the logic of showing pieces in interactive designs to maximize the user experience by using visual hierarchy and page layout approaches.

They are crucial in developing effective visual content for fashion firms and magazines. Print or digital advertisements for fashion firms can be more memorable and engaging by using visually beautiful imagery and designs.

They edit photos, collaborate with clothing designers to design outfits, work on photo shoots, and produce creative fashion publications.

Typical tasks for a graphic designer include:

  • Review design briefs to identify requirements.

  • Plan projects and specify financial restrictions.

  • Create concepts for visuals based on requirements

  • Create rough drafts to convey your thoughts.

  • Create graphics, logos, and other designs by hand or with software.

  • Make each graphic's colors and layout appropriate.

  • Create the final design, and collaborate with the creative director, magazine editors, and fashion designers.

  • Test the graphics on different platforms.

  • Adapt designs in response to input

  • Ensure the final designs and layouts are eye-catching and consistent with your brand.

Best graphic design skills in 2022

Top 10 Skills required to become a fashion graphic designer:

The fashion industry is rife with competition, and you must have or develop your technical skills to succeed. These are the top ten skills needed to become a skilled designer.

1. Design principles

Design principles aid in keeping crucial values at the forefront of the creative process. Design principles guarantee consistency in decision-making among designers and teams when adequately formulated and used, eliminating the need to discuss straightforward alternatives and freeing designers to focus on more complicated issues.

Seven typical design thinking principles include,

1. Balance

2. Alignment

3. Hierarchy

4. Contrast

5. Rhythm

6. Proximity

7. Color and Space

Successful graphic designers are adept at applying design principles to produce harmonious, imaginative graphics.

2. Adhering to brand guidelines

A Freelance graphic designer must be able to generate original graphics and adhere to brand rules. Usually, a brand's design features are employed by a series of documents known as brand guidelines.

They are designed to give brand consistency across all media and are frequently made to be used by both internal and external design teams.

3. UX design

Graphic designers may produce design solutions that look amazing and function well by understanding the basic principles of UX design. The idea that good usability takes priority over aesthetics is among the most widespread misconceptions regarding UX design.

Contrarily, pretty things function better. Graphic designers will have a broader perspective on design aspects and be able to produce more meaningful designs if they are familiar with the fundamentals of UX design.

4. Photography and photo-editing skills

If you work as a graphic designer, improving your photography abilities can result in better designs. Your skill in analyzing composition or the formal relations between elements in an image is strengthened by photography.

You may learn more about the significance of texture and the effects of light and color through photography.

Therefore, the next time you consider skipping studying the fundamentals of photography and photo editing, remember that doing so will benefit you greatly and make you appear knowledgeable in the fashion sector.

5. Typography skills

One use of the written word that might be regarded as art is typography. But it can also be used for several practical reasons. It may be applied to a wide range of design projects and can be a beneficial tool for companies that prioritize the usage of writing and print in their operations.

6. Coding

Despite what some new graphic designers claim, coding is still a significant component of graphic design.

Coding is controversial because graphic designers can develop stunning, useful websites using various sophisticated drag-and-drop tools. However, you may lessen the number of errors between design and implementation by knowing the fundamentals of coding, such as HTML and CSS.

You will give your web developer crucial direction if you incorporate website coding instructions with your design docs.

In the fashion sector, soft skills are necessary.

Just as technical proficiency is crucial for a graphic designer, you must also possess solid soft skills. The client will feel more at ease with you if you have good soft skills, encouraging them to contact you anytime they need a design.

1. Emotional Intelligence

To offer a design experience that seems human or organic, emotional intelligence (EI) is required. High emotional intelligence people are masters at controlling their feelings, which enables them to solve problems and relieve stress from their team members.

You need emotional intelligence to infuse personality into web design since people react emotionally to various website aspects, such as the color and copy, the hero image, and the responsiveness to user interaction.

2. Communication abilities

Although a graphic designer's primary responsibility is to convey information visually, it's also critical for designers to have strong verbal and written communication skills. A designer can stand out by having effective communication.

A group that can effectively communicate has a better probability of completing tasks or selling a concept. Graphic designers with good communication skills who can articulate their ideas concisely and consistently are always in demand by potential employers.

3. Time management skills

Graphic designers must have excellent time management abilities to finish projects on time. The ability to create expert graphics according to your client's requirements is essential to advancing your career, whether you work as a freelance designer for a specialty graphics agency or a newspaper.

4. Creativity

The capacity to come up with fresh concepts and apply them to issues or interpersonal interactions is referred to as creativity. Design requires creativity since it enables us to develop new, original ideas.

It can assist us in making more appealing goods and solve issues that we might not be able to with conventional design techniques.

Successful graphic designers have a strong sense of creativity and originality they apply to their designs.


A career in fashion graphic design is not easy, but it is also not impossible. You may accomplish much in the fashion sector and get the job of your dreams if you have the perfect portfolio, solid technical knowledge, creativity, and good communication skills. If you are a graphic designer looking for freelance opportunities in the fashion industry, Apparelance is the right choice for you. Sign Up Today!

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